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Falls Brand Bacon

Falls Brand original thick sliced bacon utilizes natural hardwood smoke. Our bacon is thick sliced, lean, and a delightful addition to any dish. Our customers will not eat anyone else’s bacon and we constantly receive calls and letters praising its superb flavor and unbelievable quality.

Falls Brand Bacon is available for foodservice, deli, or slicing. Please contact our sales representatives for more information

Falls Brand Thick Sliced Bacon

Available in 1 or 2 lb packages and in a 1.5 lb stack pack

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Falls Brand 3 lb Bacon Ends and Pieces

Savory Bacon Ends and Pieces are delicious! They are great for all dishes that use bacon or just fry them up by themselves. Try them on your next baked potato or salad.

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Falls Brand Smoked Jowl Bacon (Bacon Squares)

Hand selected and hardwood smoked for a perfect bacon substitute.

Falls Brand Gourmet Center Cut Bacon

This product is perfect for the discerning chef or the retail deli case. It combines rich hardwood smoke, leanness, and old fashioned flavor that is unique to Falls Brand.


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